What is Rolosync?

Rolosync is a convenient and efficient tool for managing and sharing your contacts list with others, without having to share your login information. Rolosync takes care of the need to inform your contacts about any changes or updates to any contact details on your list.

How is Rolosync better as compared to sharing contacts from my phone or email?

Rolosync is a more convenient service, designed especially to help you share contacts lists. It has features that make the process smooth and user-friendly with minimum number of steps. For instance, with Rolosync you do not need to spend a lot of time finding the contact card, selecting the email or number of those with whom you need to share the contacts, and send to each one of them. Rolosync also helps you avoid having to explain importing vCards to the recipients.

For what can I use the Rolosync service?

Rolosync is a very useful tool and you can use it to share your address book with all your social groups and community circles. You can create an address book exclusively for your family where everybody can have access to the phone and email addresses of near and distant relations. It conveys all your updates and changes to people in your list instantly. Similarly, you can create lists for friends to make it easier to plan get-togethers and hanging out together.

If you are on the school team, you can use Rolosync to maintain a current and up-to-date contact list of all your team members. This makes it easier to plan meeting for practice or workout sessions. Rolosync is also very useful for community groups such as church groups or local community centers. You get access to the most recent contact details so you can communicate and confirm dates and times for various meetings and fundraisers without causing delays.

If you are a working person, Rolosync can be extremely valuable for you. Sharing a contacts list with all your colleagues, manager, and other important work contacts can be very useful. With current employees, it is relatively easier to update contact details because you know when they have changed their email address or phone number. However, what about former colleagues and employees who are still part of your professional network, but with whom you do not meet very often? They might forget to inform you of a change in their address or number. Thus, with Rolosync, you are relieved of this trouble because as soon as your contact updates a number or address, it will appear in your contacts list immediately.

How do I join Rolosync?

The process is very simple and similar to signing up for an email account. Simply, follow these steps:

Are there any other features?

We are adding in functionality to support shared calendars, as well as the ability to do active reminders (device push notifications). The Rolosync mobile app has several Quick Shortcuts to help you save even more time. There are quick call, video chat, and email buttons below each contact’s photo. You can simply click the relevant button and get in touch with your contact in the most preferred way without having to navigate through different menus.

Can I ask my contacts to add to the list?

Yes, you can have your contact collaborate in creating your contacts list on Rolosync. From the Rolosync website, you can send official invites to your contacts along with a secure link. They can use this link to insert their contact details to your address book. The details entered will be updated and be visible to everyone who has access to the address book. Instead of sending invites through the Rolosync website, you can also send requests to your contacts through your Facebook account.

Can I import contacts from other online accounts?

Now, you can import contacts from your Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, MSN, and CardDAV services, as well as vCard files by using Rolosync’s special Import function. We are developing this feature rapidly to enable importing contacts from other social network sites also.

Is Rolosync free?

Rolosync offers the first address book and any additional books with up to four contacts completely free and for a lifetime allowing you to share it with any number of people. Additional address books with more than four contacts are available at nominal charge. We offer a monthly plan at $3 per month and an economic annual plan at $30 per year. No charges apply on others for accessing and viewing your address book.